Launch Pad Membership

The Launch Pad is our office space in South Austin where community and self-care are our focus!

We use a co-working membership based model to give you the flexibility you need to start your practice.  ​You get 24/7 access to our office space in South Austin, our supplies, and our community room.  

What is Co-working?

Co-working serves people who work independently in their jobs, but want shared, flexible office space and community.

Our space is one of a few Wellness Co-working spaces in the country focused on providing support for folks in the wellness field.
  It's difficult to compare our space to traditional office space dollar-to-dollar because we provide much more than a "typical" office space.  For example, your membership fee goes towards organizing and creating opportunities for community, networking and support above and beyond what you'd typically find in a suite of professionals.  Part of what we do is to create a nourishing and nurturingenvironment so you can thrive.

How does office space look in a co-working space?

  • Our space is set up so you have three therapy offices (an adult/couples therapy room, a group room and a play therapy room) to choose from to see clients in.
  • You ALWAYS have unlimited access to our community space to write notes and hang out as part of your membership fee.  Aren't productive at home?  Neither are we.  Do your notes at work without paying by the hour!
  • You are not limited in when you schedule:  choose any day, any time from open slots on our shared calendar.  
  • When you're done with clients, come lounge in comfy chairs, have a drink from our coffee/tea station just for therapists, and chat with other providers.  
  • All rooms are stocked and ready to go. Including our play therapy room!  
  •  Austin, TX therapists are friendly and warm so come and join us!

You know coworking is for you if...

  • You are not as productive at home and need an office to get things done in (aka Writing Notes,Marketing, etc.)
  • You want to get to know other therapists!
  • You don't know how many hours of space you need.
  • You don't want to pay for office space you aren't using.
  • You don't want to be locked in to one day or one time to see clients.
  • You like hanging out with people!
  • You like getting and receiving support!
  • You love the agency "feel" of having people around but want to run your own business!

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